Institute for Numerical Simulation
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Visiting Professorship for Numerical Simulation
Female Applicants


The objective of this ongoing program is to enable distinguished academics from abroad to spend their sabbatical (up to six months) at the Institute for Numerical Simulation (INS) of the University Bonn. The aim of the programme is to foster the scientific collaboration with researchers at the INS, especially for female applicants.

The INS Visiting Professorship is open for applications once a year during the winter term. Visiting Professors are expected to make a substantial contribution to the academic life of the INS. Successful applicants are expected to be based full-time at the INS for the duration of the Professorship.


Applications must be made by the visitor. It is advisable to contact possible collaboration partners at the INS prior to filing the application.

This program is open for female applicants only. Other candidates may apply alternatively for the more general Visiting Professorship for Numerical Simulation at the INS.


The INS Visiting Professorship Award includes initial travel support and living support of 1500 EUR per month.

Furthermore, the INS provides


The Visiting Professorship is available from three to six months during the winter term, starting at October 15 each year. The intended period of stay and duration of the visit shall be proposed by the visitor.

Application Procedure

There is an online application procedure for the INS Visiting Professorship.

The application must include

The application documents must be submitted via email to Note that PDF documents only will be accepted.

The Adjudicating Committee is formed by the Board of Directors of the INS. The final decision on the award will be made before September 15 each year.

Assessment Criteria

Excellence will be the primary criterion. The adjudicating committee will consider the track records of the applicant and of the host researcher at the INS, the proposed research, and the benefits to the INS arising from the collaboration, with each criterion equally ranked.

Preference will be given to visiting researchers who do not already have a well-established research collaboration with the INS. If visiting researchers have an existing research collaboration with the INS, then the application must detail how the proposed research is new and different from the existing collaboration.



Applications must be received before August 15.